Plastic Surgery in Thailand Guide

Did you know that Thailand is one of the world’s top plastic surgery destinations? Every year, tens of thousands of people travel to Thailand to get plastic surgery, from operations like rhinoplasty and breast augmentation to gender reassignment and a lot more. Thailand has a reputation as one of the world’s best countries for high quality plastic surgery, as well as one of the most affordable.

To put the affordability in perspective, breast augmentation in Thailand costs less than $3,000 including a one-night hospital stay, which is just a fraction of the price in any Western country.

Thailand has several cities that are popular plastic surgery destinations:


Bangkok is Thailand’s biggest city and its most popular destination for plastic surgery. There are many private hospitals in Bangkok, including some of the country’s most popular hospitals such as Bumrungrad and Samitivej. You can also find the world’s biggest plastic surgery hospital, Yanhee, in Bangkok, where the entire hospital specializes in plastic surgery.

I recommend Bangkok if you’ve never visited Thailand before and want somewhere with a lot to do as well as hospitals. Bangkok has great malls and shops that make it really worth visiting, whether you’re there to get an operation and recover or just for a minor procedure.

The best place to stay in Bangkok is around Sukhumvit Road, which is close to most of the major hospitals. HotelThailand has a good list of hotels to choose from in this area of Bangkok.


Pattaya is a beach city close to Bangkok. It used to be a sleazy kind of destination but it’s gotten a lot nicer in recent years, definitely much better than it was just 5-10 years ago. Like Bangkok, Pattaya has several hospitals that offer a huge range of plastic surgery treatments. Surgery in Pattaya is usually 10-20% cheaper than in Bangkok, often with the same doctors.

Since Pattaya is only 2 hours from Bangkok, it’s one of the easiest beach cities in Thailand to visit. You can recover here with a nice ocean view from your hotel. There’s also great nightlife, although you will want to focus on recovery if you’re traveling here for surgery.

The best place to stay in Pattaya is Central or South Pattaya, where you’ll find the best hotels and restaurants. Guest Friendly Hotels Pattaya has a good list of hotels close to the city’s dining and nightlife.


Phuket is an island in the south of Thailand, famous for its beautiful beaches. It’s more of a tourism destination than a medical tourism destination, but Phuket still has several great hospitals that offer plastic surgery treatments, as well as some of the best doctors in Thailand.

Since Phuket is such a tourism destination, the doctors and nurses here usually speak very good English and are easy to communicate with. It’s also a nice place to recover, with a great selection of hotels ranging from cheap and simple to world class five star resorts.


Thailand is a great place to travel for surgery, with some of the world’s best hospitals, great hotels, and surgery prices that are below 50% of what you would pay in a Western country. I highly recommend Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket as medical tourism destinations.

Post Op Tips After Breast Augmentation

If you’ve just had breast augmentation, recovery can be really tough. Recovering from my first BA was awful, and my corrective surgery was even worse. Luckily, you can make recovery easier by avoiding bad ideas and taking really good care of yourself.

Here are my tips to make recovery from your breast augmentation as simple as possible:

  • Always, always wear your support bra until your surgeon says it’s okay to go without it. I wore mine for the first week, and then switched it for a sports bra after my surgeon removed my stitches and gave me the all clear.
  • Don’t wear any adhesive bras or stick-on nipple covers until several months after your surgery. They put stress on the wound and stop your healing. This is particularly important if you got areola incision. Wait until three months or more post op to wear anything that stresses your scars.
  • If you think you have side effects, TALK TO YOUR PS. Don’t go around the internet looking for advice or help, because most people won’t have the experience or knowledge to give you good advice. Just call your PS and make an appointment with them, since they can help you the most.
  • If you like to exercise, take it easy for a few weeks. I took the first month off and I’m glad I did, since I wasn’t in any condition to work out until about five weeks after my first surgery and almost two months after my second one.
  • Stay confident! Recovery sucks and the pain is awful for the first few days, but it will eventually get better and you will feel just fine. Plus you will feel so much more confident with your new figure!


Update About My Corrective Surgery (4 Months Post Op)

I’m so sorry for not updating for so long! Life has been very hectic with many things to do, so I feel like I’ve totally forgotten about writing this blog…

It’s now 4 months since I got symmastia repair and my results are good. I’m happy with how they have settled and there is no longer any raised skin, which I am VERY happy about :)

The only problem is veins that you can see under my skin, which I think is due to the skin stretching. My surgeon told me it’s nothing to worry about and that it will go away in time but naturally it’s so difficult not to worry after you get a second operation to fix something that already went wrong. I circled it in the picture because it is hard to see in the lighting but for me it’s so obvious, but maybe I’m just self conscious about this.

Here is a picture of the separation I now have. I am SO happy with how things turned out and that I no longer have to hide my lack of cleavage.


Butt Implants: Should I?

Now that my breast implant revision is settled, I’m considering other procedures I can get. I got a great bonus at work this year and want to spend it improving myself. My husband suggested butt implants (not 100% by himself because I had mentioned this before) and I’m starting to think it’s a good idea.

There are many doctors around here that do the procedure, but I’m just worried about recovery. It’s NOT like recovering from breast implants, where you can go back to your normal life in a week and only need to spend a few days on the sofa after the operation. Since the implants are placed right near your most important muscles, it’s REALLY painful and can take quite a long time to recover from.

The other thing that’s bothering me is the number of people that have complications. Butt implants have an 86% “worth it rating” on RealSelf which is good, but it’s not as good as breast augmentation which is something like 98%. I got side effects from breast augmentation which is supposed to be very simple and difficult to cause complications for, so could I also have bad luck with this?

Anyway, it’s something I will consider. The cost isn’t crazy and I don’t have much of a butt naturally, and working out doesn’t seem to do much. If I can find a good doctor with a great history and no problem cases in the past, you might get to read about this for the next few months 😛

Is it Worth Traveling Overseas for Dental Implants?

Have you ever traveled overseas to get dental work? I know a lot of people who have traveled for plastic surgery but not many people who travel to get dental work. The reason I’m talking about this is because I need to get veneers (my teeth are AWFUL) and the prices are about 60% lower in Thailand and South Korea than here in the USA.

Here is the site I thought about using in Thailand: Veneers Bangkok. Their pricing is sooo cheap, with one veneer at about $300 in total. Going here I can get all of my bad teeth fixed for about $2,600 compared to spending at least $10,000 to get it done here.

What I’m concerned about is the long flight there. It takes over 14 hours to get to Thailand from California and I need to change flights on the way. Then there’s the cost of accommodation. I think if I flew from Australia or somewhere closer to Asia it would be more cost effective, but even with the cost of the flight I save about 50% compared to staying here in the USA. Plus I get to explore somewhere fun and new!

What do you think? Would you travel overseas to get dental work? Would you do a trip like this to get plastic surgery, which takes much longer to recover from? I’m seriously considering this, since I need a vacation and it sounds fun to visit somewhere like Thailand, where I’ve never been before. I’m also going to look at Mexico and Costa Rica, since they’re closer to home and mean I don’t need to spend over a day wasting time on a plane. The downside of there is that I’ve already visited both countries before, so it’s not a fun and new vacation for me like visiting Thailand would be.

I’ll keep you updated about what I do and where I decide to go. Of course, after I get veneers (whether it’s here or in another country) I will post some before and after pics so you can see how bad my teeth are now and how big the improvement is!

Should You Wear a Thong Bra After Getting Breast Implants?

Today I want to talk about the Thong Bra! It’s a weird looking bra (it looks like underwear, doesn’t it? I guess that’s how they got the name) that you wear after breast augmentation surgery, and especially after surgery for symmastia repair. The bra is designed to put pressure on the skin in between your breasts to stop your implants from moving too close together and giving you symmastia.

I got symmastia after my first breast augmentation. I’m not totally sure on the reason and whether it was my doctor’s fault for putting my implants together or my fault for choosing the wrong implant profile, but I really think if I had worn the thong bra after my surgery I could have prevented the result I ended up with. I’ve since had it repaired but wearing this might have been able to save me a lot of money.

If you’ve just had breast implants and want to make sure you get a reasonable amount of separation, you can wear this after your operation to stop your implants from moving too medially. It’s wide enough to space your implants a normal amount, but not so wide that you end up with a huge gap between them, which in my opinion is even worse!

You can buy the Thong Bra here. It’s a little bit expensive but the bra fits well and does an important job, making it (in my opinion) a good investment. I wore one after my symmastia repair surgery and I’m sure it helped prevent my skin from moving upwards again after my operation.

Listen to Your Plastic Surgeon About Implant Profile

One of the things I wish I knew before I got my first breast augmentation is how implant profile affects your results. Profile is basically the difference between the width and the height of breast implants. Implants with a high profile are very tall and thin, so they can look a little more fake, but implants that are low profile (I think medium profile is the normal type of implant used in most surgeries) are wider and not as tall.

The taller your higher profile your implants are, the more fake they will look! If you want a natural result, you need to choose a medium or moderate plus implant that isn’t as tall as a high profile implant and has a higher base width. For my first surgery, I picked moderate plus, which gives a look that’s basically a nice mix between looking natural and still looking a little bit “dramatic.”

It’s also important to choose implants that aren’t too wide for your body. If you choose a really wide implant like a moderate profile implant with a big volume (like 700cc for example, which is SUPER big) you can end up with symmastia, where the implants are so wide they almost touch in the middle. I got this after my first operation even with just 450cc, because the doctor placed the implants too medially. It’s MY FAULT I think for choosing the moderate plus profile implants because I didn’t want a super fake look, and my doctor recommended the high profile ones instead. Oh well, live and learn.

Just a useful tip for you to consider. It’s easy to walk in to the surgeon’s office and demand what you want, but if you listen to their advice and choose the size and profile they recommend, your chance of developing side effects or getting boobs that look super fake or way too wide are much lower.

Recovering from Breast Augmentation: Week 1 Tips

Anyone who has had breast augmentation surgery can tell you that it really, REALLY hurts. I went under the muscle for both of my operations and it was a super painful experience recovering both times. Even so, I am super glad I did it and the pain is only temporary. The pain is definitely worst during the first week. After day 5 or 6, I was feeling a lot more normal and could go to the mall, spend time with my friends and basically have a normal life, but the first week was pure hell. I just had to repeat the process recently with my symmastia repair and it reminded me again of how much I hated recovering from my first BA.

Here are some tips to help make the process better for anyone else that decides to get a BA:

  • Drink lots of water, even if you don’t feel like it. I didn’t drink enough water and I felt horrible and totally short of energy. Make yourself drink at least 3-4 cups of water per day, even if you don’t want to, because it will stop you from getting a headache or feeling sick from the pain medication. Anyway, water is very important for your health and you should drink a lot of it anyway.
  • Try and gradually get up and move around after day one or two. I spent too long in bed and on the sofa after my first BA and it meant that when it was time to get up and do things, I found it way harder than I would have if I had started right from the beginning.
  • Don’t start massaging too early! Massaging really hurts, especially when you have just had a BA. Wait for your doctor to tell you to start and do it by following his instructions to keep the pocket open and give you a good result.
  • Make sure you wear the support bra (and thong bra, if they give you one) all the time, even when you’re sleeping. It keeps your boobs held steady and reduces the pain a lot.

Recovery SUCKS!!! However it’s something you need to deal with if you get a BA, or basically any other operation. I hope the tips above help you make it through recovering from your breast augmentation without feeling as horrible as I did. Anyway, after week 1 you will feel much better and have a huge confidence boost from your new look :)

Breast Implant Revision Surgery FINALLY Done!

Just a short post today because I’m still not feeling good and it’s hard to type. I have wanted to get my breast implants revised for months now. I originally had symmastia after my breast augmentation (it’s one of the worst side effects possible you can read about how it happens here) and I always wanted to get it fixed. Well, finally I have, and I got bigger implants in the meantime.

I wanted to get 600cc or more but that wasn’t possible because it can affect the symmastia repair stitches, so we ended up getting 450cc silicone high profile. I am SO SO SO very happy with the results so far although I am still only a few days post op so it’s hard to see how everything will turn out in the long term.

YAAAY! Hopefully I can update again in a few months with my dream boobies. Sorry for the bad picture with no make up but I’m really not feeling so good now and need to take it easy. Talk soon!

How to Take Care of Your Skin After Breast Implants

After I got breast implants, I didn’t take care of my skin 100% as much as I should have. I did massaging and the other things my doctor recommended, but I didn’t use many skin creams or other products. I think this is why I ended up getting symmastia, as well as maybe some issues from my surgeon.

In the weeks and months after you get breast implants, you NEED to take care of your skin. Think about it – you just put a big bag of saline or silicone inside there, so it’s going to stretch. I just used a regular moisturizer to keep the skin nice and healthy but I probably should have used a heavier duty type of product.

My friend, who just had her operation three weeks ago, is using this Vaseline cocoa butter lotion and it seems to work AMAZING! She has no stretch marks at all and her skin is softer at 3 weeks than mine was at 3 months. If you’re getting breast augmentation (and especially if you get a larger size where your skin is seriously getting stretched) make sure you use this product, or something similar with cocoa butter, to keep your skin in good shape. You will thank me after, trust me!